Ken Gardiner - Christian thoughts and teachings

I'm a Christian so what do I believe?

Book: I'm a Christian so what do I believe?

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Published by Instant Apostle (2013)

“If I were to ask for a guide to what we believe as Christians and what this means in practice, I would trust my life with Ken's explanation....”
The Venerable Simon Burton-Jones
Archdeacon of Rochester

Ken Gardiner has a passion for Jesus Christ and a passion for truth. Drawing on his rich life experiences of God and deep biblical knowledge, Ken creatively retells the story of God"s self-revelation through the Scriptures, questioning familiar understandings with intelligence and wry humour while remaining faithful to the text and evangelical tradition.

Ideal for individual or group study, the writer discusses:

  • Sin and atonement
  • Baptism and Communion
  • Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus" new-life and resurrection appearances
  • The two Trees in the Garden
  • Heaven and hell

A book full of insight and surprise, Ken paints a picture of a God who is far more wonderful than we could ever have begun to imagine

Born in 1927, Ken performed National Service before working in the city of London. At 35 he was ordained, becoming an Honorary Canon of Rochester Cathedral in 1988. His book, The Reluctant Exorcist, was published by Kingsway in 2002 as part of their Ministry Guides series. A charismatic evangelical with a high doctrine of the Church, Ken is a curious mix who thinks of himself, above all, as a Christian.