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The Reluctant Exorcist

Book: The Reluctant Exorcist


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Published by Kingsway Publications (2002)

‘For those who have stumbled across paranormal activity in their ministry and wonder what on earth (and in heaven) to do, this is a useful book. For those who are experienced in this ministry, this is a challenging book. For those who can read the "signs of the times" and wish to respond appropriately, this is an essential book.’
From the Foreword by Norman Warren

Ken Gardiner draws on his personal experience and true stories, acquired during thirty years of ministry, to provide guidelines to anyone who feels they should know more about deliverance and related ministries.

With common sense and spiritual wisdom he examines such issues as:

  • distinguishing between mental disorder and demonisation
  • possession versus oppression
  • how evil spirits can gain access to individuals including believers
  • the cleansing of places
  • involvement in the occult, and psychic abilities
  • paranormal phenomena, including ghosts and poltergeists
  • who or what are demons?